Rosacea is a widespread but misunderstood condition relating to the hyper-responsiveness of the blood vessels in the central face. Triggers include alcohol, sun exposure and spicy foods. iS CLINICAL products for rosacea are formulated with pharmaceutical-grade botanical ingredients that work synergistically and safely with skin cells to soothe & calm the symptoms of rosacea.

STEP 1: Cream Cleanser

Non-irritating yet deep cleansing
Lightweight & moisturising
Preserves skin barrier function
Soothes & nourishes


Cream Cleanser 120ml


This lightweight, moisturising cleansing cream formula is powerful yet non-irritating making it ideal for sensitive skin. It contains an essential mix to cleanse while preserving and fortifying the skin’s natural barrier function.

STEP 2: Pro-Heal Serum

Exceptional “healing” formula
Helps reduce redness & inflammation
Contains vitamins A,C & E
Provides extremely powerful anti-oxidant protection


Pro-Heal Serum


Featuring our scientifically advanced Vitamin C time-release technology combined with a superior form of olive leaf extract and pure vitamins A & E this clinically proven formula delivers our highest ever antioxidant protection and exceptional healing properties.

STEP 3: Sheald Recovery Balm

Encourages skin recovery & repair
Hydrates & nourishes
Soothes & protects irritated skin
Good for scars and any compromised skin


SHEALD Recovery Balm


A powerful antimicrobial reparative formula with cell signaling technology that encourages skin recovery and repair whilst immersing skin with essential hydration and protection. Suitable for use on an array of compromised skin conditions including open cuts, grazes, scar tissue, dehydrated, aggravated, itching or post-ablative treatment skin.

STEP 4: Extreme Protect

Provides multi-level broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection
Clinically proven to protect & repair DNA
Helps protect and repair collagen
Hydrates, smooths and softens


Extreme Protect SPF40


EXTREME PROTECT SPF 40 is a multilevel environmentally protective treatment formula featuring our proprietary Extremozyme® technology combined with scientifically advanced all-physical sunscreen actives; transparent micronized Zinc Oxide and transparent micronized Titanium Dioxide. This antioxidant-rich state-of-the-art broad spectrum UVA/UVB sunscreen helps support optimal skin health as it moisturizes and protects. Available in Translucent, Beige or Bronze.